About me


My name is Francisco Javier Campa Lus, I'm a 30-something year old Spanish living in Oslo, happily married since September 2014. I moved to Norway in 2006 as exchange student to finish my MSc. in Computer Science and decided to stay (my wife being one of the reasons!).

I started my professional career in January 2008 as a Software Developer and in 2013 I became Software Architect. Working for a big company developing in-house solutions, I recently realized how limiting this is if you don't stay curious: you gain knowledge on those few areas you have responsibility for and become really good at them, but you pay the price of becoming outdated in all those other technologies out there that you don't touch.

My current areas of expertise are architecture, backend development in C# and DevOps. Most recently I've worked with .NET Core running on Docker and AWS.

You can reach me at "xavi" at this domain, or see my professional profile in linkedin: https://no.linkedin.com/in/fjcampalus

P.S. I realized the Spanish sound of "J" is problematic outside of Spain (it's supposed to be pronounced like a strong "H"), so I decided to adopt the "X" instead, since Xabi is the short for Javier in my home dialect.